Winter Solstice

Mel Volkman

As the Winter Solstice graces us today, I find myself in a state of reflection and gratitude.

Though this big storm left us without power the past few days, it’s given me a chance to reconnect with the slower, simpler rhythms of life just before Christmas.

This unexpected pause has been a gift of its own, allowing me to deeply explore the abundant nature that surrounds us. I’ve been wandering across our land, observing and capturing the beauty of avian life through my lens. These moments spent amongst the birds will serve as the muse for an upcoming series of paintings I’m excitedly working on.

Moreover, the quiet has given me the chance to dream about future gardens, plan layouts, and research potential animals that could enrich our little homestead. It’s been a time of dreaming, planning, and grounding.

As we mark the shortest day and longest night of the year, I hope you’re warm, well, and ready for Christmas. May this solstice bring you peace, and may the returning light illuminate your path forward. Happy Winter Solstice 🤍

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