The Autumn Tide

Autumn is rolling in.. And while it’s been an incredible summer, I’m so looking forward to seeing what the Autumn tide brings. As you all know, I am pretty much (understatement) obsessed with this time of year. Truly, nothing in this life lights me up and awakens my soul like the feeling of Autumn.

Each year, like clockwork, I suddenly feel in my element again. Whole. Happy. Energetic. Inspired. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. It’s more of an energy. It’s as if an abundance of energy suddenly comes rushing through my veins, bringing me back to life.

Autumn, to me, feels so magical. Like new beginnings.. I crave more books, more planning and organization, art journaling, and warmer conversation. I’m full of ideas and all I want to do is travel. To explore. To create. Like never before! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the tropical feels, but I will always be an Autumn girl at heart. After all, October is my most favorite month of the year! The crisp air and the colorful leaves, the smell of firewood, warm apple cider, and allll the cozy wear..

Do any of you feel this way around this time year? Or maybe it’s another season that makes you feel this way?


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