It's Spooky Season! And, I've returned.

Mel Volkman

It's Autumn 2020 and as promised, I have returned. It was a long but refreshing break. A journey of many ups and many downs. But overall, it was a positive experience!

One of the many positive changes to take place was our move to the coast of Maine! I feel that it's important to live in a place that continues to inspire you and for me, New England is that place. This Autumn season I feel exceptionally grateful to live right on the rustic coast of Maine. To look outside my windows and see the energy of the ocean, boats sailing by, and the rustling of Autumn foliage in the same landscape.. It’s magical.

Many exciting changes are to unfold over the coming months. I hope you will bear with me! Wishing you all the coziest, most magical Autumn season 🍂

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