Life Is Full Of Magic & Beauty

I know this whole time change thing happens every year, but it never fails.. Each year I am so amazed that it can get so dark, so early. As if it’s some kind of magical phenomenon that I’ve never experienced before :)

Speaking of magic, I wanted to share a story with you about just that. Magic. No, I don’t mean the rabbit out of a hat kind of magic (but really, how do they do that?). I mean the magic that comes from believing in yourself. The magic and beauty all around us.

The magic that we hold within our own selves.

One of my favorite quotes is “Stars can’t shine without darkness”. Does that ring true for you, as it does for me? Sometimes we’re so fixated on the dark, that we don’t see the light. But there is a certain magic that comes from the darkness, you know..

As I started to write, I found that it was a story better conveyed through expressionism. Sometimes, as a creative, it can be so much more impactful when I express myself through visuals than through my words. So, I decided to create an illustration instead. A visual that would not only tell a story of my own, but one that would unfold its own special meaning for you.

Life is full of magic and beauty, but you must be open, willing, and ready to see it..

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