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Sharing my office plan with ya’ll, because guess what? We bought our house 2 summers ago and haven’t got around to designing it until now. Yep, real life entrepreneur problems! My office currently sits, in all of its glory, medium gray walls and a white desk! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been the perfect justification of setting up “office” in our living room, which just so happens to overlook lush palms, monsteras, banana trees, aloe plants, and our gleaming pool.. But if I’m being completely honest, it’s time to get our living room back. Like, yesterday!

Ok, so over the next month my office will be getting a fresh new look, and my thoughts are to fuse my obsession with black and white (always), with moody botanicals, and yes…even a punch of tropical! The look I’ve prepared below is literally the epitome of my personal style and brand, so it’s only natural that I’m over the moon about this design, and the process!

The plan:

1. Classic, dimensional wall panel – Next weekend we will be getting our hands dirty and DIY-ing a classic, dimensional wall panel on the largest wall (right side wall). I’m still trying to decide whether to paint all of the walls black, or paint the accent wall black, and the remaining walls white, but I’m leaning towards all. I’ll update once the decision is made.

2. Touch of moody, feminine botanicals – The smallest wall which has a double closet door (backside wall) will be wallpapered with gorgeous, moody botanicals painted by the lovely (and ever so inspiring) Ellie Cashman.

3. Black – Lots and lots of black. Need I say more?

4. A punch of tropical – Bringing in a punch of a classy, tropical vibe is an absolute must for me! I feel that a deep, moody green will really pop and offset all of the black, so I’m thinking an indoor tropical plant + the airyness of banana leaf baskets (or similar decor).

5. Furniture – I’m thinking a mid-century styled white desk and an elegant (but super comfy) black chair.

6. Art wall – Floating shelves (left side) featuring beautiful, moody wall art! And this process actually inspired me to create some of my own pieces for the office, but that’s a whole separate blog post.

And there you have it, my new office plan! If there’s interest in seeing the before, process of the accent wall, the after, etc., just let me know and I will feature a full post on the process.

PS. I think it’s safe to say that there will be many more of these inspiration boards featured on my blog. Not only was the process of creating it super therapeutic and fun, but it really pushed me to hone in on my style and nail exactly what I’m wanting (that I was having trouble explaining in words).

Wall Panel // Black Chair // Tropical Plant // Banana Leaf Baskets // White Desk // Moody Botanical Wallpaper

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