New Look & Exciting Happenings

Hi, friends!! Ok, lots of new and exciting things happening around here, so I’m just going to dive right in.. First, new look! Eeek!! You know, I kept trying to go for the whole website thing these last few years, but it’s always kept me longing for more of a blog space, a community! I just feel that for my business and where I’d like to take my brand, a blog ultimately makes the most sense, so, here I am!

Aesthetically, you’ll see a lot of changes, but to name a few; I’ve implemented a lot more white space into this site, which gives a bit more of an airy feel to it + I supplemented some of the black with a few more of the powder blue from my palette to help give it that clean, crisp feel..

Functionally, you’ll see that the blog is now directly on the home page instead of a separate blog page, and let me just say, this change is bringing me so much life right now!!! I’ve been dying to blog more, but ever since I had Emilee in January, it’s been pretty tough to find the extra time needed to do so. However, with this change I’ve decided to commit at least a few hours a week to my blog space.. My plan is to provide more bits of my personal life, more brand and site launches, hand lettering, behind the scenes, artwork, tips, process, etc! So there you have it, I’ve committed. I’m diving into blogging even more and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me! 

Second, I’ve sprinkled in my signature for a touch of personalization, and I love, love, love it!! It’s how I sign my artwork, so it just feels really personal and intimate to me. You can check it out below:

Mel Volkman Signature Lettering Brush Lettering Hand Lettering Signature Style Design

Third, my artisan shop!! It’s coming, it’s coming! Finally, a place where you can shop my original artwork; such as handcrafted ceramics, organic candles, original paintings, hand-lettered prints, photo prints, limited edition artwork and letterpress paper goods! I tried soo so hard to launch in July, but you know.. life happens. And let’s be honest, opening up a shop full of your personal + thoughtful work is not the most effortless thing you’ll do in this lifetime :)

It’s a LOT of work — especially doing it for yourself (and being the perfectionist that I am). From creating a collection of artwork, to photographing it, product descriptions, samples, trial and error, packaging, framing, and other vendor decisions.. There really is so much that goes into it (now I know why people hire me for this!), but trust me when I say, it is so worth it! Opening this shop is something I dreamed up many years ago, so to be this close, feels.. amazing.

And last but not least, a print studio! I know, jill of all trades here.. Earlier this year my husband and I acquired a beautiful, (and massive 2,500 lb.) Heidelberg Letterpress and a professional grade, large format printer. In 2019 we’re launching a modern press and printed paper goods studio, where we’ll offer a refreshing variety of modern print services, including letterpress and gold foil. I’m also launching an exclusive stationery line for the studio. We are super excited about this venture and look forward to being your new print studio BFF! Again, be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay up to date on the launch. We’ll have all kinds of yummy paper goods and specials that are exclusive to Mel Volkman clients and subscribers!

Whew, I know that is a lot to process, so if you stuck with me here, THANK YOU! No, really, thank you so much! Your support means so much to me and I’m so grateful to have made friends with so many of you through the years. I’m excited for what comes next and so happy that you’re here to join me in my adventures! :)

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