Magical Map Inspiration

Wow, you guys!! I cannot believe the Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Illustrations I published only a few days ago have already been shared over 2,000 times. Not to mention, my average monthly viewers on Pinterest surged from 450k to nearly a million in the last 30 days. What!? You all are amazing, thank you so much!!! I promise, there is so much more where that came from :)

That said, and because a lot of you (apparently) share a love for all the magical feels, I’d like to share with you some gorgeous, moody inspiration. I’m feeling really inspired by the moon, magic, and (gasp) Alexander McQueen’s Magical Map Collection.

PS. Have you seen it? It’s truly the most beautiful, ethereal collection I’ve ever laid eyes on.. The entire collection is so detailed and stunning, it nearly takes my breath away. And the collection statement? Ooh, It speaks straight to my soul..

“The Autumn/Winter 2017 Magical Map embroidery takes inspiration from old alchemy illustrations, magical pagan maps, and Cornish wildlife. Each piece tells a story, embroidered like a spell book of magical objects, from ancient keys and jeweled crowns to the sun, moon, and stars. Magical hands depict a Medieval sewing scene with pagan trinkets, thimble, needle, thread, and scissors. Motifs of Cornish wildlife climb across the collection, featuring wild berries, mushrooms, daisies, roses and chamomile flowers intertwined with native British animals such as deer, hares, owls, partridges, and goats.” – Source: AM

If you’re like me and you just can’t get enough, I highly recommend that you head over to my Pinterest profile and follow my curated board, Season Of The Witch to keep all the gorgeous, magical feels going. With thousands of pins (and more added daily), it’s drenched in magical, mysterious beauty, and heaps of shiny artifacts, sparkles, and textures to keep your heart content.

PS. Let’s add therapeutic to the long and growing list of why Pinterest is my most favorite social media platform. There is something to be said about feeding your soul with inspirational images that so deeply resonate with you and your personal style. It’s simply impossible for me to close out of that app not feeling energetic and inspired. Whose with me?

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