Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn! As you all know, I am pretty much (understatement) obsessed with this time of year. Truly, nothing in this life lights me up and awakens my soul like the feeling of Autumn!

Like clockwork, mid-August of every year, I suddenly feel in my element again. Whole. Happy. Energetic. Inspired. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. It’s more of a feeling. An energy. It’s as if an abundance of energy suddenly comes rushing through my veins, bringing me back to life!

I’m full of ideas and all I want to do is travel. To explore. To create. Like never before! Do any of you feel this way around this time year? Or maybe it’s another season that makes you feel this way?

ps. The above photo was taken at the Land of Oz during our adventure through the Blue Ridge Parkway! We went at the perfect time of year so the entire place was drenched in gold. It was pure magic! pss. Did you know that you can purchase the above botanical illustration + many more in my shop on Creative Marketpsss. If you’re an Autumnal soul like me (or just like good music), be sure to check out my Autumn 2018 Playlist if you missed it last week. 

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