Finding beauty in simple moments

Time, please slow down. Today my oldest, Ava, turns 7, and while it feels like we just brought Em home, she is already 7 months! I honestly can't believe it.. Nobody could’ve prepared us for the effect they’ve had on our lives, and how quickly all of those precious moments pass us by..

There is so much beauty surrounding us, but too often we don’t slow down enough to savor those little moments.. Especially in an era where snapping a photo for Instagram has become more of a priority than simply enjoying those moments.

September will be a month of finding (and savoring) the beauty in the simplest of moments. That first sip of coffee in the morning, the scent of ocean air, that moment of hesitation as I lay down the first mark on a blank white canvas, a quiet walk on a foggy coastal morning, the giggles that come from a hot chocolate mustache, the peaceful movement of the palm fronds, the hibiscus blooms outside my studio window, the pitter patter of tiny feet that fill our home..

I’m happy to say that I spent more time this year living in the moment than snapping “Instagram worthy” shots.. and I’ve no plans on changing that anytime soon!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl to steal my heart. Today, we celebrate you, my love! ♡

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