Botanical Study / No. 02 & Hurricane Irma

Only slightly wilted, the petals were rich in texture.. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such soft, velvety petals. And the fragrance was divine! Crisp, vibrant, earthy.. I’m really happy with the feel of this study — a moody romantical feel with a touch of vintage, and I’m drooling over this color palette! Creams, ochres and the slightest touch of soft pink. Actually, I love this palette so much that it inspired a new painting study for my shop, which will be available soon, as will this botanical study, as a framed print!

Just as I’d finished capturing these beauties yesterday, the power went out. Our charming little city, St. Augustine, drenched in all its twinkle lights, pitch black. The dark clouds rolled in, unleashing its fierce winds and an incredible amount of rain. Hurricane Irma had arrived.. My thoughts are with all those affected by this atrocious hurricane.

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