Botanical Study / No. 02

Today I took the day off, reserved exclusively for inspiration. I think doing so is necessary (especially in the creative industry) to avoid burnout, to keep your work looking fresh, and to maintain a healthy balance of life and work. Forgetting about the world around you can come so easy when you’re passionate about your work. I feel like I am constantly doing, and sometimes, I forget to just slow down and take in all the life around me..

So today I went out for breakfast instead of staying in, spent the morning picking out flowers at the local market, and toured around this charming little city, taking in all the historic St. Augustinian feels. The second half of the day was spent strolling around the rose gardens in St. Augustine, admiring all the natural beauty around me.

I’m amazed at the tiny, yet significant, details in the petals and leaves. All the textures, every vein.. and how the petals lay and fold so effortlessly simply takes my breath away. I just knew I had to document this stage of life for these little roses!

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