Why Should You Shop Small?

Hello loves! I had such an amazing response yesterday in regards to my #shopsmall story on Instagram, so I'd like to leave some of those thoughts here on my blog too! I'm so happy that this message helped so many of you spread the word and bring awareness to why Small Business Saturday and shopping small is so important. That said, here are some of my thoughts on shopping small..

Shopping small is a worldwide movement that brings back the organic connection between maker and consumer. Every time you shop small you create the opportunity for the maker to continue bringing fresh new ideas into this world.

By choosing to shop small, you’re supporting a dream, a family, and so much more! You’re purchasing something that somebody has literally poured their heart and soul, and good positive energy into. Something that is made or curated with love and great attention to detail — unlike machine made or mass produced products.

Not only does shopping small help the maker, but it helps YOU create your own unique, thoughtful, and magical style!