With 15 years experience as a published Fine Art Photographer & Retoucher, I'm available to shoot fashion, editorial, landscapes, wildlife, lifestyle, and conceptual photographs. I'm most inspired by moody imagery that captures a raw emotion, but I also appreciate a clean edit. 

Much of my work is to be found while getting lost in the editing process. It’s in this intimate part of the process where I’m able to really add my touch and make each photograph my own — it’s an equal part of my creative process and what completes the outcome of each one of my photographs.

With an extensive background in editing (long before instagram and filters), each photograph is professionally hand edited. My skills include clean and basic color correction, advanced beauty and skin retouching, creative manipulations, and conceptual with an emphasis on creative tones.

If you’re interested in viewing my full portfolio and/or working together, please get in touch.